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501 Astonishing Facts - download pdf or read online

By Editorial Board

ISBN-10: 9350572060

ISBN-13: 9789350572061

In our everyday life, we see or listen from others approximately many desirable issues. occasionally, they seem absolutely incredible. This e-book provides 501 such stunning Facts.

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V. screen 80 ft. 150 ft. was made in 1985 by Sony Jumbo Tron of Japan. V. 5 inch in size and about one pound by weight was made in 1985 by Japanese Epson. Energy Scientists today can convert matter into energy, Surprisingly, one gram of uranium produces same energy as 30,000 g. of coal. Lightning Danger If your hair should suddenly stand end-on phase for no apparent reason, there is a strong likelihood of the person to be struck by a lightning stroke. Electric Shaver Electric shaver uses less energy than shaving with a hand razor and hot water.

Tides The greatest tides occur in the bay of Fundy. Iceberg In 1956, an iceberg from Antarctica came on record-335 km long and 97 km wide much larger than the size of Delhi (Fig. 6). Underground Lake Most of the lakes are on the land, but there is one under the ground. Its name is Lost Sea. It is in the USA and was discovered in 1905. Sand Dunes Sand Dunes in Sahara Desert can attain heights of 1,400 ft. equivalent to many mountains of Earth. Natural Bridge Man has made beautiful and long bridges all over the world, but Nature has made bridges of its own.

0 billion. 0 for every man, woman and child in the world. A new space shuttle costs about $ 600 million. Weight on Sun and Moon A person of 60 kg weight will barely weigh 10 kg on moon, but 3. TRUTHS ABOUT HUMAN BODY Left and Right Feet Our right foot is slightly longer than the left feet. Eye Muscle Movement Our eye muscles move about 1,00,000 times a day. Heart Beat Rate Woman’s heart beats faster than man’s. 5 litres of saliva every day. Wonder Brain Messages from the brain to the different body parts are sent at a rate of 240 miles per hour.

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