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By M. W. Service (auth.)

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Costa fringe subcosta ~ cross 2 2 - - scales~- 6 Fig 4-4 5 Diagram of a wing of a mosquito showing numbering of wing veins and fringe scales. Introduction to mosquitoes Fig 4· 5 Last segment of the tarsus of a Culex mosquito showing empodium and fleshy pulvilli. 8b). These are part of the external male genitalia (terminalia) the morphology of which is important in species identification. Within a few hours ofemergence the external male genitalia starts to rotate and after about 12-24 hours it has turned through 180°: males are unable to mate with females before this rotation is completed.

Saliva contains anticoagulins and /or haemagglutinins which prevent the blood from clotting and obstructing the mouthparts as it is sucked into the stomach. In male mosquitoes the mandibles and maxillae are reduced in size or are absent, males cannot pierce the skin and take blood-meals. The alimentary canal of the mosquito is depicted in figure 2. I I and the reproductive systems in figure 2. 12. The mid gut and salivary glands of mosquitoes are important in the life-cycles of the malarial parasites and other pathogens.

The two most important subfamilies of mosquitoes are the Anophelinae (anophelines) and Culicinae (culicines), both contain man-biting species that are important disease vectors, and it is important to be able to distinguish between these two subfamilies. 13 31 Head of Toxorhynchites adults showing curved proboscis of (a) a female and (b) a male. Subfamily Anophelinae Anopheline eggs Adult Anophelinae (anophelines) have the ventral surface (sternites) of the abdomen entirely or mostly devoid of scales, and these are usually also absent from the dorsal surface (tergites).

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