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The development made in particle physics over the past twenty years of the twentieth century has resulted in the formula of the so-called general version of simple debris and its quantitative experimental try. This paintings offers that growth, and in addition comprises chapters which offer heritage on smooth particle physics. Particle physics kinds a necessary a part of the physics curriculum. This booklet seeks to include all of the issues for a unified remedy of the topic. It presents reference fabric for researchers in either theoretical and experimental particle physics. it truly is designed as a semester direction for senior undergraduates and for graduate scholars. Formal quantum box idea isn't really used. an information of non-relativistic quantum mechanics is needed for a few components of the booklet, yet for the remainder components familiarity with the Dirac equation and Feynman principles is key. despite the fact that, a few of these issues are incorporated in an appendix. during this moment version, many chapters (for instance, on electroweak unification) were revised to convey them brand new. particularly, the chapters on neutrino physics, particle blending and CP violation, and susceptible decays of heavy flavours were rewritten incorporating new fabric and new info because the first variation. The heavy quark powerful conception has been integrated.

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5 19 Strong Quark-Quark Force We have already remarked: (i) each quark flavor carries 3 colors. (ii) only color singlets (colorless states) exist as free particles. Strong color charges are the sources of the strong force between two quarks just as the electric charge is the source of electromagnetic interaction between two electrically charged particles. To carry the analogy further, we note the following: Electromagnetic Force Between 2 Electrically Charged Particles Strong Color Force Between 2 Quarks We deal with electrically neutral atoms.

The theory here is called quantum electrodynamics (&ED). Due to quantum (radiative) corrections, a increases with increasing momentum transfer Q 2 , for example 1 a(me)= 137, 1 4 m w ) = 128 (m) Note the very important, fact that, in both cases, we get, an attractive potential. Without color, Vqq 23 would have been repulsive. The theory here is called quantum chromodynamics (QCD). Due to quantum (radiative) corrections, a decreases with increasing Q2 [this is brought, about by the self interaction of gluons (cf.

4 Fundamental Role of “Charges” and the Standard Model of Electroweak Unification and Strong Force First, thing to note is that, the electromagnetic force and the strong nuclear force are each characterized by a dimensionless coupling constant and thus to achieve unification there has to be a “hidden” dimensionless coupling constant associated with the weak nuclear force which is related to the “observed” Fermi coupling constant, by a mass scale. That this is so will be clear shortly. Secondly we know that the electromagnetic force is a gauge force describeable in terms of electric charge and the current associated with it.

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