Esoteric Mystery

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By Ray del Sole

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For the real non secular seeker:
This publication offers a solid method for numerous assorted religious reasons that is according to the data of the chakra procedure and its analogies with the 5 components on all 3 planes. you don't want remarkable skills to enhance your religious growth, to transparent and to heal your self. With no less than effort and time on your day-by-day perform you can also make nice growth on your religious improvement. additional extra you are going to event a deep balancing and vitalization in all points of your character.

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Also the protection nets can be recovered. The addiction normally stops immediately. Parasites have to be disintegrated for psychic healing. Pranic healing offers very advanced techniques for healing nearly everything in a relatively easy way. Cristal healing techniques and other things (esoteric feng shui, self protection, meditation techniques) can be learned as well. Have a look for Choa Kok Sui in the internet. Main chakras and their analogies / functions: I start at the feet. Every foot has several chakras.

Spiritual development takes years, whole life times, many incarnations indeed. As you are an eternal being you have time enough to proceed step by step keeping the balance in all aspects. Flourish – as it is foreseen for you! Ray del Sole Introduction Like the old mystics say the spiritual path consists in main of clearing, healing and refinement. This means in different words activation, vitalization together with healing and transformation, - spiritualization. For this purpose I have developed a very simple but extraordinary effective training, - an “All-in-one-wonder”.

They are closed - covered from the divine light, not taking part in the higher realms. Spiritual students have opened hearts and crown chakras. A lot of high energies are floating through their microcosms. The lower chakras serve the higher chakras. At last I want to describe a typical problem of spiritual students. Spiritual students practice a lot of exercises which activate the higher chakras. In this way heart and crown chakra grow in size but the other chakras, the lower ones are disregarded.

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