Particle Physics

ABC of Physics : A Very Brief Guide - download pdf or read online

By Lev Okun

ISBN-10: 981439727X

ISBN-13: 9789814397278

Translated from Russian by means of Vitaly Kisin

This little e-book concentrates at the foundations of contemporary physics (its "ABC's") and its so much basic constants: c the rate of sunshine and ħ— the quantum of motion.

to begin with, the ebook is addressed to expert physicists, yet so that it will in achieving maximal focus and readability it makes use of the easiest (high college) arithmetic. for that reason many pages of the ebook might be valuable to school scholars and should entice a extra normal viewers.

Readership: students and readers within the actual sciences.

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2) or in vector components: Lz = xpy − ypx . It is easy to check that if vector r is parallel to vector p then L = 0. In all other configurations L = 0. The total 17 February 23, 2012 18 9:39 World Scientific Book - 7in x 5in ABCPhysics ABC of Physics: A very brief guide angular momentum equals the sum of the orbital and the spin moments: J = L + S. The angular momentum is called a pseudovector or axial vector because, in contrast to ordinary (polar) vectors r and p, it does not change sign under mirror reflection.

G. in the classical or non-relativistic limits. 1 On potential energy We know that the lightest of atoms — the hydrogen atom — consists of a proton and an electron. The mass of a hydrogen atom is mainly determined by the mass of the proton mp but all other properties are dictated by the mass of the electron me and its electric charge −e which is equal in magnitude and opposite in sign to the charge of the proton +e. 1) The key role in the theory of the atom is played by the dimensionless quantity α = e2 /4π c ≈ 1/137.

As already mentioned earlier, the electron spin equals 12 . Electrons obey the Pauli principle which states that not more than one electron can occupy a given quantum state. A similar principle is true for all particles with half-integer spin (they are called fermions). I have to add that particles with integer spin are called bosons. g. all electrons or all photons) are exactly identical. Not more than one fermion (electron) can occupy a given state; by contrast, there can be any number of bosons (photons) occupying the same state.

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