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Jeff Imada's Advanced Balisong Manual PDF

By Jeff Imada

ISBN-10: 0938676075

ISBN-13: 9780938676072

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In duels of strategy you must move the opponent's attitude. Attack where his spirit is lax, throws him into confusion, irritate and terrify him. Take advantage of the enemy's rhythm when he is unsettled and you can win. I dislike the defensive spirit known as "attitude". Therefore, in my Way, there is something called "Attitude-No Attitude". In large-scale strategy we deploy our troops for battle bearing in mind our strength, observing the enemy's numbers, and noting the details of the battlefield.

The same principle applies to large-scale strategy. The essence of strategy is to fall upon the enemy in large numbers and to bring about his speedy downfall. By their study of strategy, people of the world get used to countering, evading and retreating as the normal thing. They become set in this habit; so can easily be paraded around by the enemy. The Way of strategy is straight and true. You must chase the enemy around and make him obey your spirit. Other Schools with many Methods of using the Long Sword I think it is held in other schools that there are many methods of using the long sword in order to gain the admiration of beginners.

Use of Attitudes of the Long Sword in Other Schools Placing a great deal of importance on the attitudes of the long sword is a mistaken way of thinking. What is known in the world as "attitude" applies when there is no enemy. The reason is that this has been a precedent since ancient times, that there should be no such thing as "This is the modern way to do it" dueling. You must force the enemy into inconvenient situations. Attitudes are for situations in which you are not to be moved. That is, for garrisoning castles, battle array, and so on, showing the spirit of not being moved even by a strong assault.

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Advanced Balisong Manual by Jeff Imada

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