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He safeguarded himself and his fellow-gods, but men were left by him to be the prey of the evil spirits which had escaped from his wrath. The enormous number of clay tablets in the great Museums of the world, inscribed in cuneiform with spells and incantations against devils and evil spirits, prove that the Babylonians were far more afraid of evil spirits than of their gods. THE EVIL SPIRITS OF EGYPT The Literature of Ancient Egypt does not supply us with any detailed account of the Creation, but the texts state briefly that there was a time when nothing existed except a mass of dark and inert water, of great and indefinite extent, called UNIVERSAL USE OF AMULETS 7 Nu or NENU.

It was necessary for every amulet to be powerful enough to overcome the influence of the Evil Eye, and every attack of the evil spirits which were regarded as the instigators of every sickness, disease, accident, mis­ fortune and calamity. 22 AMULETS AND TALISMANS Among GENERAL AMULETS may be included those which were hidden in the walls of houses or under them, and those which were placed at the entrances to the villages, and in certain parts of them. Primitive man j udged the potency of an amulet by results.

Men have always believed that their lives are directed by the stars, and among a large proportion of the dwellers on the earth it will never die. The results which astrologers obtain sometimes are so remark­ able, and their prognostications are so often fulfilled to the letter by subsequent events, that even the unbeliever is compelled to admit that there must be " something in it. " PALMISTRY likewise i s dubbed a pseudo-science. It grew up in the East and made its way into Europe via India and Mesopotamia and Egypt.

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